Los Dementes - Descarga a la Ray (Venezuela, 1966)

(Prodanza - LP 1240).

First LP from Ray Perez with Los Dementes, playing in Caracas from the mid 60s. I found this Venezuelan version in Colombia. Los Dementes used the word "salsa" as a music style before it became widely used in New York, and this LP includes boogaloo, guaguanco, pachanga, and salsa. Despite the rough mix, "Descarga a la Ray" is totally crazy, also very innovative at this period comparing to famous local bands such as Billo and his Caracas Boys... 

Jose Mangual & Carlos Patato Valdes - Understanding Latin Rhythms (Latin drums, 1974)


Top latin percussions musicians from New York 70s give a masterclass titled: Understanding Latin Rhythms. Pick up your instruments, listen and play.

Okok Rachar Band (Benga music, 1977)


I have few information about this band and record, but it's just great music from Kenya (benga music) released on the nigerian label Jicco.

The Montagu Three - Love Alone (Calypso from Bahamas, 1961)

(Bahamian Rhythms LTD - BR 37-S).

At the turn of 1960 Cuba became closed to American tourists, which contributed to develop mass tourism (and financial facilities) in several other caribbean islands. Nassau being just in front of Miami, it became one hot spot full of fancy hotels proposing "local" music to foreigners...

Alpha (Chancy Records, Haiti, 1981)

(Chancy Records CCLP7994). 

Although Alpha band comes from Guadeloupe, this LP is produced by haitian bass player (Tabou Combo) Adolphe Chancy.
New York based label Chancy Records (CC Production for Coppet + Chancy) released from the late 70s many haitian bands (Tabou Combo, Coupe Cloue, Skah Shah, Gemini Allstars...) and few bands from the "french" West Indies as Alpha or Selecta International.  Another aspect of the significative influence of haitian cadence on Guadeloupe and Martinique musicians.

Dangerous trips to Angola by Muzzicaltrips (Semba, merengue, kizomba selection from Angola 70s)

Muzzicaltrips taking part of various musical projects including radioshows, I'd like to share some "dangerous trips" or "viagens perigosas" in Angola realised recently for Radio Capsao. A special musical selection based on dusty records, archives from golden era from this country culturally influenced by portuguese colonists, by other lusophone colonies, by Cuba and the Caribbean, and for sure by specific african musical  heritage. Wars and instability during the 60s to 80s also influenced a unique musical production : semba, merengue, kizomba, but also political music and struggle songs (or propaganda songs, depending on point of view), reflecting a wide spread imperialist oppression feeling.

MIX /// Tropical Roundtrip by Muzzicaltrips (Palmwine Radioshow #50)


Here's a Muzzicaltrips selection recorded for Palmwine Radioshow. A special repost as some really nice tracks there...