Okoi Seka Athanase L'Empereur du Kete Rock (Ivory Coast, 1977)

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(Badmos BLP 50).

Okoi Seka Athanase recorded this wonderfull album in Decca studio (Lagos) with help of Black Santiagos horn section. This goes from deep afro soul to highlife and soukous. The funky "Melokon Membun Ou" cannot be shared via souncloud but many good tracks on this LP, and Mubades may be my favorite, including serious guitar plays and sebene.

Okok Rachar Band (Benga music, 1977)


I have few information about this band and record, but it's just great music from Kenya (benga music) released on the nigerian label Jicco.

Jack Costanzo at the Garden of Allah - Bongo Fever (Afrocuban jazz, 1959)

(Liberty LRP 3109).

Here's a spicy version of "Quiere" by Jack Costanzo recorded live at the Garden of Allah, a famous place frequently visited by Hollywood intelligentsia from the late 20s.

Luis Agudo - Afrosamba (Afrobrazilian jazz&drums, 1984)

(VPA 172).

Luis Agudo (1940-) is an Argentinian percussionist who developed an unique style based on brazilian and african drums and rhythms. He's a real rhythmic explorer, building his own percussions. This led him to play worldwide for many jazz musicians (Baden Powell, Dizzy Gillespie, Elvin Jones, Junior Cook...).
This record is a solo recording realized in Italia (original press from Red Records) where he shows his wide variety of sounds, rhythms and effects.

Lemed Janvier et l'Orchestre African Allstar (Soukous from Benin, 1981-82)

(Oueme LJ001).

Lemed Janvier took part of recordings with Orchestre Poly Rythmo, Les Volcans du Benin and Tabu Ley from Congo.
Being form Benin but having lived in Kinshasa, he can also sing in lingala like a congolese  musician (and generally alternating some french or english parts). This late album was released in Benin and contains infectious soukous ryhtmic guitars (Señores Picoteros, pienso que le va a gustar). Global sound remains more in the 70s with African Allstar band, and includes also few suprisingly funky short breaks.
First tracks deals with a topic often adressed: the fact that the slanders and rumors do not affect the musicians.